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La Bendita gourmet shop

It is an intimate place in the center of the Old Town of Bilbao, here you will find all the good things of the highest quality traditional Basque gastronomic products, such as txakoli, anchovies, bonito, etc, ... accompanied by the best personalized attention and beautiful food. history and tradition located in an incomparable setting.

La Bendita gourmet shop

It is also a meeting place for new producers, whom we invite to get to know us and share their products with us so that, together, we can make them known. In this way creating a connection with your potential consumers and curious foodies eager to discover the new creations they offer us.

Likewise, we invite the general public to visit us and enjoy a select range of high-quality products of Basque origin, which we are sure will consider fantastic.

We wait for you...

Our Gourmet Products in La bendita Bilbao