Marcoma Almond with Truffle

  • Almond "Marcona" without Spanish skin, its great texture and flavor makes it the most appreciated almond by consumers. Made with a mixture of whole cane sugar, truffle variety Aestivum and truffle aroma.

    Authentic delicacy, deep truffle flavor that forms a perfect combination with the best almond in Spain.

    Uses and pairing : Assortment of Iberian (especially ham), patés or as an accompaniment to a good "gin and tonic". It can also be tasted individually.

    Ingredients : Marcona almonds without skin, whole cane sugar, truffle brisket Aestivum (2%), salt, truffle aroma and paprika from La Vera.

    Energy value 2670 kj / 644 kcal
    Fat 54.10 g
    of which saturated 5.50 g
    Carbohydrates 14.90 g
    of which sugars 5.30 g
    Protein 24.40 g
    Salt 0.90 g