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Artisan Pepper Jam

  • Strawberry, Orange, Apple with cinnamon, Peach with lavender, Fig, Forest Fruits, Tomato and Pepper are all a 100% natural product. Made solely and exclusively with top quality fruit. Without preservatives, gelling agents, colorants or flavor enhancers.

    The donuts It comes from an idea turned into an obsession, from day to day, from insomnia, from honesty and from love for what is well done. Fires, fruit, sugar, illusion, humility and simplicity, unique ingredients that mixed in correct proportions are the perfect recipe ...

    Artisan jams Las Doñas are cooked daily using artisanal raw materials and of first quality. Jams that are 100% natural, without any chemical element in their composition, without added pectins, flavor enhancers or gelling agents, only fruit and sugar.